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About All Recycling

All Recycling was founded in 2008 out of a need to provide an appropriate and whole solution for the treatment of different types of electronic waste and metals that accumulate as a result of work in industry and organizations.
All Recycling’s diverse solution basket includes:

  • SDA e-waste recycling
  • Recycling of non-ferrous metals
  • ITAD service (refurbishing and reuse of old IT equipment)
  • Dismantling of factories and infrastructure
  • Scraping and destroying products and information

The company has two existing recycling facilities with a production capacity of approximately 30,000 tons per year, which are considered the largest and most advanced in the Middle East and operate under strict management. The service includes complete destruction of the waste while protecting the information and privacy of its customers, in accordance with the law and regulations, and out of a desire for a 0% landfill and no pollution.

The SDA (Small Domestic Appliances) plant provides a complete solution for recycling small and medium-sized electrical or electronic devices. Recycled materials are returned for use as raw materials in the metals industry.

The plant for recycling non-ferrous metals and cables was established to provide a solution for the treatment of metals and alloys (mixtures of metals).

All Recycling will soon launch in partnership with Electra Consumer Products, the first plant of its kind in Israel for recycling large electronic waste that contains cooling gases – LDA (Large Domestic Appliances), such as refrigerators and air conditioners. The company is also working on the establishment of another plant in the field of plastics that will specialize in sorting and recycling plastics of various types: PP, PS, ABS.

As the market and regulatory requirements in the field develop, so will the company continue to lead and provide a broad and professional solution for the treatment of the various types of waste and more. All Recycling is one of the only companies in this field that cultivates an R&D center and invests in innovative chemical processes that affect the quality and type of recycling.



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