Hardware, OEM
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Servers and hardware

Servers and hardware

At All Trade Group, we understand the importance of quality hardware for your business, and we strive to provide our customers with the most advanced technology solutions in the area of hardware and servers.

All Trade Group is a leading partner of the leading global hardware manufacturers such as HPE, Dell, Lenovo and more, and we provide our clients with comprehensive service – from the consulting and characterization stages to on-site implementation and support.

Among the solutions we provide to our clients:

  • Blade servers
  • Rack mounted servers
  • Laptop computers
  • Desktop computers
  • Tablets
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OEM solutions

OEM solutions

The technological challenges of the modern world require advanced and sometimes creative solutions. All Trade Group’s OEM Solutions Division expert team provides the full range of solutions needed to meet its customers’ technological challenges and help them meet their business goals.

Due to the great importance of adapting the technology solution to the client’s system – which includes conforming to professional standards and regulatory requirements – the division characterizes, designs and manufactures complex systems according to customer specifications and requirements, and provides OEM solutions for all industries, communications, machines and medical devices.

The All Trade Group’s OEM solutions and services help our customers provide better service to their customers and develop a technological competitive advantage over competing companies, all based on uncompromising professionalism, over 20 years of computing experience, rigorous characterization methodology and impeccable execution.

The OEM division offers a complete solution that includes:

  • Characterization and definition of requirements for the desired solution
  • Product concept design, development, production and quality testing
  • Support, maintenance and servicing of the system
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All Trade Group’s industrial computing division provides a wide range of hardware and computing solutions for harsh environmental conditions such as sun, heat, cold, dust and resistance to blows, falls, and more for the industrial and military market.

In addition to the powerful casing and protected components, All Trade’s ruggedized hardware solutions meet diverse needs such as long battery life, screens adapted for viewing in the glare of the sun, built-in cameras and more.

Whether you work on land, in the sea or high in the atmosphere, the All Trade Group’s skilled staff will be able to tailor the products to suit the needs and conditions of the area in which you work.

Among our products:

  • Military rugged tablets
  • Rugged laptop computers
  • Rugged campus switches
  • Rugged screens
  • Rugged storage systems
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